4th Dimension and Time

OK guys ! Now when you have come here to my blog let me confess one thing that I am a beginner …. both in writing blogs and in 4d thinking . So if something goes wrong or you feel something incorrect please inform me . So now coming to the point , I guess you would be knowing what is 4th dimension all about . Here I am going to give you all some more facts and theories ( well , these are my theories ). All the efforts are being done so that one day someone might read this blog , get inspired and really discover 4d ! But even if it does not , at least it would leave an impression on the reader’s mind and motivate him to discover it . But who knows , the person who would tell the world about 4d might be you !!! So let’s get started .

Concepts about time

Some basic knowledge about Time

 This is all the knowledge I have derived from books and my thinking

So you must have heard people saying that time is type of a 4d thing . But when you ask them how , there is no answer from the other side . Well , here comes the reason for it . For a moving body , only 3 co-ordinates are not enough . The 4th one i.e. time must be specified . This is due to the fact that till the information of the body reaches the observer , the body would have covered some distance and so its co-ordinates would have changed a bit . Thus , when time is specified , it becomes possible to specify the position of the body . Thus , universe is not only made up of 3 , but 4 dimensions . Time and space are intertwined into one unitary fabric i.e. spacetime fabric .

Relativity of time

Many scientists argued if time was absolute or relative . Earlier , Newton had told the world that time is absolute . Later , Einstein told us contrary to that earlier belief fashioned by Newton , time isn’t absolute but is relative . Very high speed affects time , resulting in either it contraction or its expansion . Also , high gravitation slows down time . This is what Einstein meant by saying time is relative .

Effect of Speed on time

To test the hypothesis that time is affected by speed , two physicists , J.C. Hafele & Richard Keating , conducted an experiment in 1971 . They took 4 extremely sensitive atomic clocks & synchronised them with the chronometer that constituted standard time for the US . Then , two of those clocks were boarded on a jet going round the earth eastward and other two were boarded on a jet going on a similar journey westward . The jets returned from their journey after three days . Now those clocks were compared to the chronometer . To their astonishment , Einstein was right ! Clocks on the jet going eastwards had lost 59 billionth of a second while the others who had gone on the jet westwards had gained 273 billionth of a second .                                                                                                                    If Newton was correct that time is absolute , both the clocks would show the same time as the chronometer .But as they both were moving , they had difference in time . However , the loss and gain of time was not of the same magnitude due to the rotation of the earth . So one was travelling with the earth and the other was travelling in the opposite direction . This produced a effect like two boys swimming in opposite directions in a river .The one who swims with the current is faster than the one who swims against it , even though the forces applied by both of them are quite similar .

This phenomenon is quite natural now a days. GPS Systems have take in account this lost and gained time. Or else, they wouldn’t function properly. Also, another amazing fact about this is that your head ages faster than your feet! However, this difference is too small to be noticed – as small as 97 billionths of a second 79-year lifetime.

Effect of Gravitational pull on time & Time shells

Besides speed , gravitation also affects time .Stronger the gravitational pull , slower the time . Weaker the force of gravitation , faster the pace of time . We know by Newtonian law that gravity is inversely proportional to distance between the two bodies . So , time is directly proportional to the distance between two bodies .                                                                                        Gravitational pull near very massive spheres is so great that time flows very slowly . Also , the distance from between the two bodies matters a lot . The physicists tell us that near such a massive and heavy sphere ,there would be many Time shells & time in each of the shells would be different . So by travelling in another time shell and then coming back to ours again , we could actually see the future . But unfortunately , our earth is so small that it does not have time shells . It itself is in a big time shell .

Improbability of Time travel

Now you might guess why I am saying time travel impossible . There are some reasons why it is so in reality

Contraction of matter due to high speed

Einstein says that nothing can travel faster than light and perhaps light is the fastest thing in the world .As we all know , speed of motion has its effects on length and mass . Any living thing at that speed would infinitely become small or it would cease to become singularity . As a result , it would not be able to survive this . There is no point in making a non-living thing travel as we have to make humans travel through time . So we must ensure they survive .

Law of action and reaction

Another reason for this is that if we travel through time and reach a destination in past , it would be very bizarre as we would have reached a destination even before we started our journey ! If the impact of any action would take place even before the occurrence of that action , it would rock the foundation of this universe . The relation between cause and effect would be discarded .This situation is very beautifully described in the story of Somaji Gomaji ( that’s a name ).

Somaji was tired with the problems of his life and so he decided to take matters in his own hand . Thinking of the genetic legacy that handed him all those problems , he went back in time and murdered his grandfather when he was a child . But as his grandfather died , he could not marry and have children , including Somaji’s father . So naturally Somaji was not born . But if he was not born , how could he go back in time and kill his grandfather ?  And if his grandfather was not killed , who could stop him to get married and have children . So why couldn’t one of the children give birth to Somaji ? And if Somaji was born , couldn’t he kill his grandfather ?

Due to such kind of confusion , time travel is not possible . There can be many more reasons for this . The main reason for this is that they would inevitably create paradoxes which would break down the cause and effect law .

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